About Us

Located in the beautiful Tehachapi Valley since 1988 and firmly planted on the same busy corner of Tucker and Valley for the same length of time, RE/MAX Tehachapi is an innovative and forward thinking company that keeps pace with the ever changing real estate trends. Using state of the art equipment and tools, RE/MAX Tehachapi agents never say never. If there is a way it can be done they will make it happen.

Trained and educated by a full time sales manager and real estate trainer your agent will have the lastest up to date legal information, documents and tools to make your real estate purchase or sale a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Why Re/Max?

RE/MAX was created by top producers for top producers, and it is, ultimately, quality RE/MAX Sales Associates who have made the organization a giant of the real estate industry. RE/MAX Associates resoundingly demonstrated their excellence by selling a record-breaking 1 million homes in 1997, the most transaction sides in a single year ever recorded by any real estate network.

Quality Professionals

As their production shows, RE/MAX is the business home of quality professionals. Every program and service that RE/MAX provides is designed to enable Associates to reap the maximum reward for their efforts and to help them reach their full professional potential. Now nearly 50,000 strong, RE/MAX Associates, on average, lead the industry in production, experience, and professional designations. They also are well known for their contribution to Realtor boards and for their community involvement.

Associate Advertising & Promotion
In addition, under the RE/MAX Concept, Associates have always had the freedom to promote themselves and their properties to whatever extent they desire. RE/MAX Associates spend an average of $5,000 annually on advertising and personal promotion. Independent and creative, they invest in a wide range of advertising venues, including: local newspaper advertising; bus benches; billboards; brochures promoting themselves or properties; and personalized key chains, refrigerator magnets, and other specialty items. Promotion is limited only by the Associate's imagination.

The Best of the Best

For 25 years, RE/MAX has sought the top 20 percent of agents who are estimated to do 80 percent of the business in residential property sales. In exchange for paying a management fee and a share of the monthly office overhead, RE/MAX Associates keep the maximum allowed amount of their commissions and receive the many benefits of RE/MAX programs and services.

A Network of Winners
Winners attract other winners. A professional environment draws other quality people, resulting in more yard signs, more advertising resources, more RE/MAX name recognition, more referrals, and thus even more agents looking to RE/MAX to fulfill their career ambitions. Associate success has played a major role in the network's 25 consecutive years of growth, regardless of housing markets.

Get the Power of Re/Max on Your Side!